21 October 2016

Everyday Zen

Or: living in the moment

Excerpt from a comment on this video:
What impresses me far more than the technical virtuosity is his ability to be absolutely and continuously in the moment, clearly for days on end. Can you imagine the laser focus needed to make those delicate cuts — some of them freehand with a 3 hp router, others literally requiring the feel of a surgeon's hands — on a work piece that already has the mountain of hours (and yen) invested in it that those do? It takes a big set of balls and ice in your veins to come through under that kind of pressure.
Quote from a novel of mine:
A corner snapped off the chisel and Paoul checked his hand. In his enthusiasm he was forgetting the most elementary rule of all. He was letting his thoughts race ahead, failing to maintain the single point of concentration where all success lay.

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Elle said...

Your Tube video error -- says "no longer available".