1 June 2016

Free books

The Stone Arrow (Volume I of the Pagans trilogy) is free to download at Smashwords and iTunes and probably at Amazon as well, though listing ebooks at zero price is at Amazon's discretion.

As part of my ill-fated 'pay what you like' scheme I released the following titles under a Creative Commons licence:

The Stone Arrow
The Flint Lord
The Earth Goddess
The Penal Colony
The Tide Mill

The terms of the licence are such that anyone can reproduce and distribute unmodified and integral copies of these texts. This does not preclude commercial use by the rights holder (i.e., me), and indeed four of those books are on sale at Amazon and elsewhere at the minimum price consistent with achieving a reasonable royalty rate at Amazon. In fact all my books, CC-licensed and otherwise, are priced at this minimum level (nominally $2.99 US).

You can find free-to-download copies of the CC titles in epub, mobi and pdf formats at unglue.it, but you will need to sideload the epub and mobi versions. Buying them from Amazon, iTunes, etc. is more convenient and you will always have cloud access to your chosen books.

Should you have read any of my books at no cost and deemed them worthy of payment, please consider buying another title or two in recognition of the work that has gone into them. You are of course under no obligation whatsoever, moral or otherwise, to do so.

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