31 August 2008

About me

I was born in England in 1950 and educated at Watford Boys’ Grammar School and Sussex University, where my interest in natural history led me to read biology; but from my earliest years English had been my “best” subject, and shortly before my final exams I decided to try to become a professional writer.

The job of the artist – in whichever medium he or she works – is an important one, since, conscientiously practised, it helps us to make sense of ourselves and the world. Authorship is not an easy path to follow. I continue to work at the craft and marvel at its subtlety. I prefer a conventional storytelling framework. This offers the greatest potential for the writer: a reader who wants to know “what happens next” is the most receptive and stands to gain the most of all.

The Stone Arrow won the Winifred Holtby Memorial Award, administered by the Royal Society of Literature; The Penal Colony is the basis of the 1994 movie No Escape, starring Ray Liotta.

My email address is richardherley [at] gmail . com