12 September 2008

The Flint Lord

From the iTunes store:

Flint lord
by alisonpay

As a new owner of the iPad I sought a free book to experience reading using a new medium. A lover of the historic fiction I chanced on this book - and what a lucky break for me. I have found myself sitting up to the wee hours to read on to find out what happened next. A historic tale of vengeance which had the flavour of a Movie - fast pace but also strangely educational as you visualised what life must have been like at this time. I am no historian so cannot tell if the author has been True to the era. All I can say is if you like a good plot, don't mind death as a punishment and have an ounce of imagination you will love this. I am off Now to trace other books from the writer. I just hope this is an example not a one off. I will be keeping it on my shelf as this is a book i will reread.

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