2 October 2008

My textfeed launches on 6 October

I am planning to offer my writing in serial form, via free daily emails or an RSS feed, whichever you prefer, so you’ll be able to receive the text on any device capable of connecting to the internet: mobile phone, iPod Touch, or whatever. The delivery of a story in episodes is an old and honourable tradition, and adds a certain sense of occasion which is lacking from a straight reading of the text. You might find it fun!

The first novel to be serialized will be The Penal Colony, basis of the 1994 movie No Escape, with Ray Liotta.

Roger Miller, in the Milwaukee Journal, said of this book: ‘Normally I shun such reviewer clichés as “a real page-turner”, “leaves you breathless”, “can’t put it down”, considering them to be empty substitutes for critical thought. Well, there's always an exception: I’ve weighed those phrases carefully, and I believe that each of them accurately applies to a new novel, The Penal Colony by Richard Herley.’

It is often described as ‘science fiction’, which is an over-simplication. It’s really about what happens to an ordinary man when, through an appalling injustice, his life is turned upside-down. Full details here.

Instalments — usually a single chapter — will be published each weekday. They will also be visible on my textfeed, and of course you can freely download the whole book from my main site, from Feedbooks, or from manybooks.net.

If at the end of your reading you have enjoyed The Penal Colony and agree that it’s worth the price, I’ll ask you to visit my site pay a shareware fee of £1.00 (about $1.80). You need not pay anything unless completely satisfied.

To subscribe to this service, please use this link:

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or visit the textfeed itself and sign up for the email or RSS subscription.

You can unsubscribe easily and at any time.

Like my whole publishing model, this is a bit of an experiment. The Penal Colony serialization begins on 6 October, so please don’t delay if you want to be in at the start!

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