29 January 2012

The Drowning - FREE for a limited period

To prepare the way for a new novel, I have set the price of The Drowning to zero at Smashwords. My thrillers are popular, but I'd like to expose my more literary work to a wider audience.

This is a special promotion for a limited period only, so please grab a copy right away if you want one. It is available in the following formats:

.mobi (for Kindle - just add to your "documents" folder via USB cable)
.epub (most modern ereaders except Kindle)
.pdf (good for reading on a PC)
.rtf (loadable in word-processor)
.lrf (older models of Sony Reader)
.pdb (Palm Doc, for Palm devices)
.txt (plain text, but you lose italics and other formatting)

I hope you like it! If you do, and if you feel so inclined, I would very much appreciate your leaving a review, however brief, at the ebook site of your choice.

UPDATE, 25 February: the Smashwords offer is now closed, but for the next few days you may find the book listed for nothing at other retailers.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Herley,
I check your site periodically, hoping to find a new book by my favorite author. I was delighted today to find "The Drowning"!

Ben Duffy said...

The Drowning is one of my very favorite books ever. The second reading was at least as enjoyable and rewarding as the first, which is one sign of a great book. I give it my highest possible recommendation!

Pete Whitfield said...

For a bloke who loves thrillers, I am pleased to say I am thoroughly enjoying The Drowning! Many thanks.

Glostermeteor said...

I sort of missed your promotion and ended up buying the drowning on my Kindle. Still, I thought the penal colony was so good, and your generosity so great for giving it away for free, the least I can do is actually buy one of your other books! While I find the depictions in your books rather terrifying I just cannot put them down!

Richard Herley said...

Thanks for your comments, gents. Glostermeteor, nothing generous about making Penal Colony free: I'm very glad you enjoyed the book, but the offer was a promotion, now coming to a close as I've just put up the price at Snashwords to a dizzying 99¢. That'll filter through to the other outlets eventually. Meantime The Drowning will be the offer, since I am trying to move the emphasis away to my less hairy titles!