19 March 2012

Darling Brenda is finished at last!

I have just uploaded Darling Brenda to Amazon. After much thought, I decided to enrol it in KDP Select to see what happens, so it will be available only at the Kindle Store for the next 90 days.

The book is dedicated to Ben Duffy, whom I have never met in person. He is one of my staunchest supporters, for which I am most grateful, and understands exactly what my work is about – as evidenced by the extraordinary reviews he posts of my books.

Two other highly perceptive and supportive readers, Mike Julien and Russell Tayler, also helped me with the nitpicking business of line-editing. Mike has championed me for years, whereas Russell and I have been corresponding only for a few months. This is yet another advantage of the modern publishing ecosystem: the chance for reader and author to correspond and even collaborate. It's great!

The cover image was shot and edited by my friend, the artist and ceramicist Althea Wilson. She generously gave me permission to use it some while ago; I was able to tweak the text accordingly, so the design could not be more apt.

My thanks, then, to all these kind people for helping me to launch Brenda on the world!

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