1 January 2015


The British conundrum: what do you do about an intruder in your house? No one is on your side, least of all the state. And when things goes wrong, and you have a nosy neighbour who sits on the Police Authority, your nightmare is only just beginning …

Annie and Laurence Trent are a young, professional couple working in financial services and living in a London suburb. Laurence is beset with worry: about money, about his job, about the economy and the future. He and Annie long to start a family but can’t afford to.

It is 18 December, 2009. Just before midnight, she urgently turns and wakes him. There are sounds of intrusion downstairs.

Laurence arms himself with the hammer they keep by the bed and ventures out to the landing.

He waits and listens at the rail; and with a surge of relief decides the thief or thieves have taken what they wanted and gone.

Then he realizes someone is still below: still below, and heading for the stairs.

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Pete Whitfield said...

Got it in iBooks. Love it, grwat read! Thank you.