27 November 2008

eBooks Just Published

Independent ebook authors, and adventurous readers looking for their work, should without fail check out eBooks Just Published, a recent venture by Mark Gladding of Tumbywood software.

This site allows authors to submit announcements of their new work. The books are categorized according to genre, and readers can vote for their favourites.

Browsing eBooks Just Published feels a bit like browsing a book store - except that all the books on offer are electronic and, most importantly, DRM-free. The format allows each book to be presented in its best light, showing jacket art, blurb, and any other text the author feels appropriate, up to a limit of 400 words.

By subscribing to the RSS feed, readers can have details of new releases sent automatically to their email client.

I can attest that Mark is very helpful to authors like me, who are not particularly computer-savvy. He quickly resolved a problem I had with registering; from then on, the whole process was smooth and easy.

It's a great idea and, so well executed that I think it will soon become an established feature of the ebook landscape. Thanks, Mark!

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Mark Gladding said...

Hello Richard,

Thanks for the wonderful write up and the announcement on TeleRead.

Your support is very much appreciated!

Mark Gladding
eBooks Just Published