1 December 2008

Finding Free eBooks

Finding Free eBooks is a great new blog for ebook fans. Quote:
[It] will list websites LEGALLY distributing free ebooks, mostly novel length fiction. Each site will have a blog entry so you can sign up for the rss feed and be notified of new additions.

I want to support independent authors, I'm especially interested in linking to them. I will add individual author sites and multi-author sites (if they offer something different from the ones already listed) distributing free ebooks legally. I will also add time limited promotional give aways. Please send an email if you want to submit a site or an update.

I am not very good at determining genres, so if you want to suggest some for particular authors, please do! And don't strictly count on my genre labels, look around at all the authors listed.

Also check out the limited time offers label. These are generally promotional offers from booksellers (but not always). Books with this label have no other labels so they won't come up in any other label searches. They may or may not still be available when you are here.

Your comments are welcome and encouraged, thanks for visiting!
What's really neat about this site is the use of Blogger labels to classify each post. Here is the current label-list:

.app (1)
.doc (2)
.epub (4)
.fb2 (1)
.html (14)
.jar (1)
.lit (3)
.lrf (4)
.mobi .prc (11)
.pdb (4)
.pdf (12)
.pkg (2)
.rb (4)
.rtf (4)
.txt (5)
.xhtml (1)
.ztxt (1)
adventure (2)
audio (5)
classics (4)
crime (2)
custom pdf (6)
fantasy (1)
fiction (25)
historical (1)
horror (3)
humor (4)
limited time offers (4)
mainstream (4)
modern (19)
multi-authors (9)
poetry (1)
romance (2)
science fiction (13)
single-author (15)
supernatural (1)
suspense mystery (3)
thriller (5)
tutorials (1)

Say you're looking for titles available as plain text (.txt). Click the appropriate label, and up come five options. Or if you're a SF fan - up come 13 suggestions. It's simple, clever, and, like the whole site, it works a treat!

1 comment:

Christine said...

Thanks Richard! Your support means a lot to me.

(I can't believe you posted all those labels.)